Sep 6
Why Does The Booking Process Take So Long?
6 Sep, 2016. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
My sister was arrested about 90 minutes ago and she called to tell us that all her paperwork is done. We called a bail bonds company but the bondsman is telling us that it will be at least a few more hours before the jail will let anyone post bail bonds. What gives? This doesn’t make sense. When someone is arrested, there are several steps that need to be taken before someone can be released. After the jail has performed paperwork on the person arrested, they need to have their mugshot taken and undergo a national background and warrant check.…
Sep 1
Man Arrested For Having Sex With Van
1 Sep, 2016. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
We’ve all heard stories about creeps who have sex with strange things… trees, manequins, farm animals… but what about a parked van? An Ohio man was arrested after police say he walked up to a parked van, dropped his pants and began to fornicate with the van’s front grill. Once he was done, he stumbled into the yard and passed out. The van really wore him out! Law enforcement officials have said they believe the defendant, 35 year-old Michael Henson, was under the influence of drugs.  He’s since been charged with public indecency. Original article: Man arrested having sex with…