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Lottery Winner Invests Lottery Winnings in Crystal Meth
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One would think that winning the lotto would be enough to make you happy, especially if the amount was 3 million bucks! However, a man in Georgia got greedy and decided to invest his winnings. Not a bad idea, right? Well, maybe so if that investment is in a CRYSTAL METH business!

Ronnie Music Jr., 45, won big in Georgia’s instant “100X the Money” game after buying a scratch-off ticket in a deli. “I buy tickets every once in awhile,” Mr. Music said in a Georgia Lottery statement. “I can’t believe it, and I still don’t believe it yet!”

Well best believe that Mr. Music is now facing decades behind bars! Adding to his demise, Mr. Music was also found with firearms, ammunition, vehicles and over $600,000 in cash.

Turns out Mr. Music was a former convicted felon and has now pleaded guilty to the federal drug trafficking and firearm charges. The maximum sentence is life in prison, but he has yet to be sentenced.

Original article: He Won $3 Million in a Lottery. Then He Invested in Crystal Meth

image credit: Georgia Lottery

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